Aromatherapy Consultation

$30 per session (15-25 min)

We will evaluate your needs, research the best Essential Oils for you and Muscle Test. The first session includes a unique Essential Oil Blend to take home.


What conditions can you use Essential Oils for?

Feel free to email me with questions to determine if an Aromatherapy Consultation may be helpful to you.

Aromatherapy Consultations are not meant to replace the care of a medical doctor and some conditions may require a doctor's consent. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, which are organic, odorous, and highly volatile, hydrophobic liquids.

What's in the name?

Certainly a lot of confusion. Essential oils are odorous (and they usually smell wonderful), but aromatherapy is not just "nice smelling" stuff. And Essential Oils aren't exactly oils. They have a consistency more akin to water than oil. So, what's not in the name? Essential oils are therapeutic. They have revitalizing chemical constituents and many are antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic, calming, and soothing. Essential oils aide in the healing process on many levels including physical, emotional, and mental. The chemical families of essential oils are; Phenols, Aldehydes, Ketones, Esters, Sequiterpenes, Ethers, and Alcohols.

Methods of Use

Essential oils can be applied to the skin where they penetrate to the blood and lymph system via the hair follicles and sweat glands. Essential oils can also be inhaled. The cilia (tiny hairs that are the endings of small olfactory nerves) translate odour into nerve messages. These travel to the limbic system of the brain. Internal use of essential oils is not recommended, and should only be done under the direct supervision of a medical doctor.


Carriers can include massage oil, creams, water, bath salts, compresses and more. If you are uncertain of how to mix to Essential Oils into a base, please ask a professional. Some essential oils have contraindications. Please make sure to consult a doctor, certified aromatherapist, or reference manual before any use. Also, aromatherapy is not meant to replace medical care. Always consult your physician before using.

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