Touch of Kindness

Our Current Total:

Another oncology massage therapist in MA had a brilliant idea.  She saw a news report on a pizza place in Philadelphia where you can buy a slice of pizza for someone in need in the community. It’s anonymous, it’s on the honor system, and anyone can come in at any time and receive a slice of pizza that was already paid for by someone else – no questions asked.
She thought she could apply it to massage. In oncology massage, it is a huge struggle that we cannot bill insurances.  Many people who are most in need of this type of care, are the same people who have accumulated a mound of medical bills already.  Personally, I wish I could just see everyone without the worry of money; but it's a challenge. This other massage therapist, Megan, created the Touch of Kindness system.  And I've decided to copy her (with her permission) to let the entire community contribute.

The Way It Works

On this page, you’ll always be able to see how much is available in the fund at any time. Anyone can contribute to this pool of resources, and any oncology clients can ask to use money from the fund toward treatment sessions with me. Just let me know that you’d like to use a portion of what’s in the fund, and I’ll apply it toward my professional fee. No questions asked. And it’s not an all-or-nothing thing; you can use whatever amount you’d like toward the cost of a session.

I don’t ask for gratuities in my practice. If you’d like to say thanks, I’d love if you put that money into the Touch of Kindness fund instead so someone else can receive massage who might not otherwise have been able to.

Pay it forward. Spread the word.

Click on the “Donate” button here, enter the amount you wish to pay forward so someone with cancer, cancer history, or lymphedema can receive a discounted or no-cost massage.

*I will update the amount every couple of days as possible.  Please give me 48 hours after making a donation to see the numbers change here.