Oncology Massage

Massage Therapy for people living with cancer; during treatment and after.

It's very important when seeking out massage care for yourself or someone else that has experienced cancer, that you seek a massage therapist with training in this type of care.  Usually this will mean taking continuing education in Oncology Massage.  Feel free to ask your therapist if they have had this type of training.

Recent research and studies are showing oncology massage to be safe and helpful for those who are currently in chemotherapy or radiation therapy; as well as useful after treatments are over.  Potential benefits include:

Kat Farber, LMT has trained with some of the country's top Oncology Massage Therapists, including Gayle MacDonald (author of Medicine Hands: Massage for People with Cancer) and Tracy Walton (author of Medical Conditions and Massage Therapy: A Decision Tree Approach).  Kat continues her education and is on track for the specialization certification.

For more information on the research for oncology massage, please visit the website of the Society for Oncology Massage.